Nowadays, people still have a high appreciation for mechanical watch though it’s not for their capability of showing us the most accurate time anymore. It’s more about the craftmanship hidden behind it. People love to romanticize the detailed labor and the history. Proven by so many mechanical watch makers that still produce a large quantity and people still happily buy it. Swiss brands are pretty famous in keeping the tradition of high quality watch making alive. Brands like Omega, Philippe Patek, and Rolex are the most famous ones although their prices are sky high, but people always willing to pay for quality and prestige.

Maybe after saving your months of income, as a watch enthusiast you finally able to afford an Rolex Oyster Perpetual and then you start to wonder whether your current watch winder can also be used on this super expensive treasure you just bought. You need to give yourself a gentle reminder that Rolex mechanical watch will behave just like any other mechanical watch, it needs a good old manual winding if it’s not “automatic” or self-winding. For self-winding model you need to wear it at least over half a day to get it “energized” for the next two days.

A watch winder for Rolex doesn’t necessarily have to drain your pocket like the watch itself. Remember the main purpose of watch winder even though it will be a Rolex Watch Winder is to protect your watch and make it steadily ticking away. You should definitely choose a sturdy material for the case, a beautiful ornament or artistic style is just something that’s nice to have, not a must have, remember that sometimes less is more. Another jargon you need to check is TPD or Turn per Day. TPD indicates how many times your Rolex watch needs turning in one day. There’s no need to break a bank to find a decent home for your Rolex, just search according to your most comfortable budget.

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