Watch winder box. There’s something inexplicably classic and organic about mechanical watch, the clockwork mechanism can be argued as one of the better discoveries by human. It even became the main features of steampunk theme aesthetic. You can make mechanical watch as your family heirloom, an investment that can be passed to your offspring for generations.

Romanticism aside, when talking about practicality, mechanical watch (both the self-winding and manual winding ones) need watch winder. Without watch winder, you may literally lose time since the clockwork mechanism need the constant source of energy to keep it working. Even though your watch is quote on quote called an “automatic” watch it still doesn’t have its own source of energy, you got to feed your watch some movement so it can be alive and its time will be well kept.

Now you may be thinking that buying a mechanical watch is such a hassle since it’s not an item that can stand alone without a watch winder, an uncomplete investment of your money and well “time”. It actually all depends on how many mechanical watches you plan to buy and keep and what kind of mechanical watch you want to own. If you only plan to own one or just two simple mechanical watch, the ones that only show time, then it’s safe to say that a watch winder isn’t a necessity. Since you can still manage to wear those two watches constantly.

But if you are a watch addict and collect multiple mechanical watches then a watch winder could be your necessity, especially if your watch has more that time setting but also the date and year sets. Please be aware that you need to set a not so small budget to get a decent watch winder, which can be justified if wearing a different good watch every day can make you happy.

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